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For more information and to apply please contact us at: or (336) 332-9085

Terms and Conditions

 The following terms and conditions are an agreement between you and Developing Solidarity. By signing the release of                      responsibility you will receive, you agree to what is stated on it including but not limited to:  


  • Developing Solidarity coordinates the volunteering program with a local organization but it is not responsible for the actions of either the volunteer or the organization they volunteer for.

  • Developing Solidarity requires the volunteer to have adequate medical and/or traveler insurance, including evacuation and repatriation clauses, for the duration of the program. 

  • Developing Solidarity does not offer medical/traveler's insurance or coverage to any of the volunteers.

  • Volunteers should be in sufficient physical and mental health to participate in the Program.

  • Developing Solidarity will do its best to assist a volunteer with physical or mental disabilities to participate in the projects but cannot guarantee reasonable accommodations at the volunteering site.  Remember that you will be volunteering in a low-income, under-served, developing community that may lack resources necessary to offer certain accommodations.

  • Volunteers agree to follow the laws and costumes of the host country, the policies of the community and organization in which they serve, and the rules of the housing facilities where they are located.

  • Developing Solidarity is not responsible for loss of life or property, personal injury, illness, accident, delays or additional expenses sustained by the volunteer while participating in the program.



The costs for student/volunteers include:

  • Airport pickup and drop-off (make sure to coordinate it with us beforehand)

  • Three meals per day (typical Puerto Rican lunch and dinner consists of rice, beans, different types of root vegetables, poultry, meat or fish, salad and fruit. Breakfast usually includes coffee, bread, cereal, fruit, eggs )

  • Lodging

  • Basic Spanish practice

  • Dance classes

  • Field trips to important cultural and/or nature sites

  • Certificate of Completion of 20 hours of community service


Costs do not include:

  • Airfare

  • Passport, ID or visas

  • Medical/travel insurance and/or expenses

  • Personal expenses 

Developing Solidarity,

PO Box 5103 PMB 101

PR 102 Km. 19.2

Urb. Borinquen

Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, 00623

Tel. (336) 332-9085

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