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Support developing communities in Puerto Rico

and learn best practices in


sustainable development and the solidarity economy

Customized programs for students, private groups, churches, companies,
community groups

Service and project-based learning,
alternative winter and spring breaks
summer programs for
schools and universities.


  • Visit beautiful beaches, forests and historic sites

  • Enjoy Old San Juan's cultural activities and peaceful sunsets

  • Learn basic Spanish or practice what you already know

  • Dance "bomba", salsa and reggaeton

  • and help us grow Puerto Ricos’s Solidarity Movement



Developing Solidarity is a worker-owned social enterprise whose mission is to support community-based organizations working in disadvantaged communities.


We work hand in hand with residents, academics, students, youth groups and other volunteers to develop projects that conserve and/or restore the natural environment, create jobs and improve the well-being of the communities we serve.


Developing Solidarity, Puerto Rico, works with community-based organizations supporting their self-managed, sustainable development projects. These projects are located in urban, rural and costal settings and focus on environmental stewardship, microenterprise development, cultural preservation and quality of life issues within the communities.

Information for Volunteers

Puerto Rico is a beautiful tropical 

archipelago located in the eastern Caribbean Sea.  It consists of  the main island (Puerto Rico, known to indigenous Taino people as Borikén), and several smaller islands adjacent to it.


Puerto Rico is a “territory” of the United States and Puerto Ricans are born U.S. citizens.


As a territory of the U.S., most federal laws, including immigrations laws apply here. 


For more information or to apply, please contact us at or call (787) 501-2281.

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